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BTArtbox false nails are high-quality fibreglass nails that fit your natural nails. These can be easily glued to your nail to create the look of a real nail. They are designed to be reused & can last up to 1 week with proper care.

BTArtbox false nails are not like most false nails on the market, which is fragile and breaks easily. Additionally, they are not glued to your natural nail but instead held in place with an overlay that protects your real nail underneath. This makes them easy to remove when defiled.

How do you use BTArtbox nail glue

After you clear your nails with a base coat, apply a toothpick of BTArtbox nail glue to the natural part of the nail and let it dry for a short time. Then apply the nails to your desired pattern and put it in place by using a splint or special glue tweezers.

Now let it dry for a few minutes and apply a second toothpick of glue to the centre of the pattern, but do not touch the sidewalls of the nails, which you already glued with a toothpick. Let it dry well and apply your topcoat over it.

How long does nail glue take to set

BTArtbox nail glue takes about 2 minutes to dry completely. If BTArtbox nail glue is not drying there are two possible reasons. First, maybe you applied too little glue to the nails. Try again, but this time use a thicker coat. Second, maybe you applied too much glue to the nails. To remove BTArtbox nail glue, you can use acetone to take off the nails.

What are BTArt box nail drill

The BTArtbox nail drill is a sleek and convenient way to do your own manicures at home. Attach the brush-on polish onto the drill, prime the brush with acrylic paint, and start painting away! For those looking for something more expressive, there are 15 different colours as well as 2 sizes of polish brushes. Magic tip: pour some acetone on a tissue or cotton ball to give yourself an iced colour nail with a metallic quality finish.

btartbox nail drill

What are the Btartbox false nail tips

The beauty of a false nail tip is it can really make your nails pop. The best way to apply them;

Begin by filing down any rough edges on the surface of your natural digits with an emery board or sandpaper until they’re even across all four corners (or just take some tips from our video below!). Then paint over each section equally with one coat each – let dry for 5 minutes between coats if needed before applying topcoat as usual!

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