Are you sick of going to the salon for hours on end to get a manicure that chips in two days? Are you tired of having nails that won’t last through your daily activities?

It’s hard to get nails that look good and last a long time, but don’t worry! BTArtbox soft gel nails are the best thing that could happen to your nails.

BTArtbox soft gel nails are easy to apply and save a lot of time. They will give you a break from constant touch-ups and make your nail care routine a lot easier. Find out how BTArtbox nails solve problems with durability, boost style, and offer an easy way to get long-lasting, beautiful nails from the comfort of your own home in this breakdown.

What are BTAartboxNails nails?

The press-on nail world isn’t complete without BTArtbox X coat tip nails, known for their superior craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and user-friendly design. Carefully constructed from an all-natural, soft gel, these artificial nails redefine what it means to be safe and comfortable.

Using gel polish instead of regular ink sets BTArtbox false nails apart; this creates a salon-quality result that is kind to your natural nails and looks great. This cutting-edge method puts your nails’ health and integrity first while improving their overall appearance.

Wearing these nails will feel as natural as they do pleasant because of their lightweight construction. Thanks to this design feature, you may rest assured that your nail beds will remain in good condition even after extensive use.

For those who prefer to do their nails at home, the BTArtbox manicure kit offers a complete solution. It comes with fifteen nails of varying sizes to accommodate a wide range of finger types and sizes. To further streamline the application process and guarantee a professional-grade result, the package also includes necessary accessories, including cuticle sticks, a storage box for easy organizing, a double-sided nail filer, a prep pad, and adhesive tabs.

Users’ rave testimonials about BTArtbox nails are a testament to its attractiveness and dependability. The attractive designs, long-lasting quality, and adaptability of these nails are all things that users love. People rave about how well the nails stay in place, whether they’re wearing them for a particular event or just getting dressed up for the day.

BTArtboxnails X coat tips types

There is a nail art enthusiast’s paradise in BTArtbox nails, with many options in size, shape, style, and more. Their assortment is divided into three main sections, each offering a unique style to enhance your manicure: press-on French tip nails, natural nails, and mesmerizing cat gel nails.

There appears to be an infinite number of choices within these groups. The color pallet for the base coat begins with brown, nude, peach, pink, and classic white. These colors will be the foundation of your nail art masterpiece.

The variety of tip colors is just as adaptable. You can choose the perfect alternative to match your style and mood, whether you prefer classic black and white tips or a softer touch with pastel tints.

The nail designs provided by BTArtbox are equally varied and appealing. From the classic almond and square to the daring stiletto and coffin, there is a shape to match any character or dress.

Not only that, but BTArtbox nails are expertly crafted to accommodate a wide range of finger sizes. With an inclusive range of sizes to choose from, picking the right one for your nails is a pleasure and guarantees a comfortable and perfect result.

The natural x coat tips and the cat eye x coat tips are the pinnacle of diversity, and they’re perfect for individuals who want a little something more. Elevate your nail game with these premium lines that provide a variety of sizes and additional base color options, such as aura, billing baby, and glittering finishes.

Simply put, BTArtbox nails are an outlet for personal expression and artistic expression. Their wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs allows you to express your creativity and create beautiful nail designs that match your style. With their help, you can transform every manicure into a memorable experience.

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Btartboxnails Kit Review: Unboxing and application

what is included in the btartbox nail kit

  • 150 French X coat tips/ Natural Nails/ Cat Eye tips
  • UV Lamp
  • Builder gel
  • Top Coat
  • Nail file
unboxing BTArtboxnails kit
Inside btartboxnails kit
  • The X coat tips come in a ready-to-use format. they are nicely buffed, primed and ready to apply
fit all nail beds soft gel btartbox nails tips
  • All you have to pick the right nail tip size that fits you well from the given sizes.
15 different size options of btartboxnails fake tips
  • The nail kit also includes a solid gel glue that you’ll apply on fake nails and once applied you will have to cure them under UV lamp for 60 sec.
Solid gel Glue for btartboxnails press on nails
  • The Nail file will help you prepare your nails.
Nail file
Builder gel for X coat tips
Top coat for X coat tips
  • The mini UV lamp is easily portable and helps in curing your soft gel nail tips perfectly.
Btartbox UV Lamp

How to apply full cover soft gel  Btartboxnails x coat Press on Tips

The BTArtboxnail Soft gel tips can be applied in two ways. The first method is using solid gel glue that comes with the btartboxnail kit. and the second one is with any UV Gel Glue.

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Method one: Btartbox X coat French tips application using Solid Gel Glue

Step 1: Carefully push back the cuticles and remove the extra cuticles with a cuticle remover.

push back cuticles and remove

Step 2: Now file the natural nail surface with a 180/220 grit nail file.

buff the nail with nail file 120/220 grit

Step 3: Now to clean and dry the nail surface, you’ll need a nail dehydrator. Apply a layer of nail dehydrator to make it completely dry.

Apply a nail dehydrator

Step 4: Select the best-fit nail size from the nail tips tray. There are more than 15 nail sizes that you can try to find the best one. These nails are fully buffed and pre-primed so you won’t need to buff them or apply a nail primer before application.

find the best fit nail tip

Step 5: Now apply the solid gel glue on the btartbox press on nails and place it firmly on your natural nail.

Apply solid gel glue on the nail tip

Step 6: Now cure the false nails under UV lamp for 60 second.

apply the press on nail and then cure under uv lamp

Step 7: After curing the nail, apply the builder gel on soft gel tips to give them strength. The builder gel overlay will make it strong and provide layer of protection and finish.

Apply builder gel

Step 8: Finally, apply the top coat to get the finished look.

apply a top coat

Your perfect BTArtbox French nails are ready to flaunt.

enjoy your pefect btartboxnails soft gel tips

Pros and Cons of Brartboxnails Press on tips


  • Soft gel material, setting a new industry standard for nail comfort and safety.
  • Exceptional salon-like finish with gel polish application.
  • Lightweight design that alleviates pressure on your nail beds, promoting comfort during wear.
  • Comes in more than 15 sizes to best fit any size
  • Pre-buffed and primed nails, no need for base coat or primer
  • 150 nail tips included in the manicure kit


  • Potential softness leading to slight bending after one or two weeks.

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Apres nail tips vs. Btartboxnails tips. Which one is better?

Apres nail tips are sleek and thinner in structure and have excellent bendability; however, you need a base coat before applying Apres nail tips. While BTArtBox Soft Gel Tips don’t require a base coat, they are entirely prepared tips for a more straightforward application. When you apply builder gel (which comes with the box) on btartboxnails, they even become sturdier. They excel in durability and user-friendliness, offering a sturdier build and a more comprehensive range of size options. Recommended for those valuing a broader size range and seeking a durable, easy application option at a more accessible price point.

Key PointsApres Gel X Soft Gel TipsBTArtBox Soft Gel Tips
Structure and ThicknessSleek and slightly thinner structure, providing a refined and glossy finishSlightly thicker build, offering a sturdier feel and enhanced durability
Base Coat requiredYes, you need to apply the base coat before apres press on the nailsNo need for a base coat or primer
Sizes and OptionsAvailable in 11 sizes, it might limit options for unique nail sizesBoasts 15 sizes, catering to a larger audience, increasing chances of finding the right fit
Bendability and ApplicationExcellent bendability might require a bit more effort during applicationPre-buffed for ease of application, may need a tad more effort to bend for a stronger feel
Ease of UseSome rigidity offers control during the application
Pre-buffed feature saves time during the application and is more user-friendly for beginners
FlexibilityGood flexibility, accommodating various shapes and nail bed contoursSlightly less flexibility, providing a robust feel for enhanced durability
Reuse PotentialGenerally reusable, durability may vary based on usage and careReusable with care, sturdier build allows for multiple uses without significant wear
LongevityTypically stays put for about 2-3 weeks, depending on care and activityOffers similar longevity, lasting 2-3 weeks with proper care and maintenance
Removal ProcessRequires soaking in acetone or specific gel nail removal productsA similar removal process, soaking in acetone or using gel removal products for dissolution
Ease of RemovalSlightly easier to remove due to the thinner structureRequires a bit more effort due to a slightly thicker build, but both can be removed effectively
Number of UsesReusable for multiple applications with proper careMultiple uses with care, longevity may vary based on individual wear and maintenance
Apres gel nails vs Btartboxnails

How do you use BTArtbox nail glue

After you clear your nails with a base coat, apply a toothpick of BTArtbox nail glue to the natural part of the nail and let it dry for a short time. Then apply the nails to your desired pattern and put it in place by using a splint or special glue tweezers.

Now let it dry for a few minutes and apply a second toothpick of glue to the centre of the pattern, but do not touch the sidewalls of the nails, which you already glued with a toothpick. Let it dry well and apply your topcoat over it.

How long does nail glue take to set

BTArtbox nail glue takes about 2 minutes to dry completely. If BTArtbox nail glue is not drying there are two possible reasons. First, maybe you applied too little glue to the nails. Try again, but this time use a thicker coat. Second, maybe you applied too much glue to the nails. To remove BTArtbox nail glue, you can use acetone to take off the nails.

What are BTArt box nail drill

The BTArtbox nail drill is a sleek and convenient way to do your own manicures at home. Attach the brush-on polish onto the drill, prime the brush with acrylic paint, and start painting away! For those looking for something more expressive, there are 15 different colours as well as 2 sizes of polish brushes. Magic tip: pour some acetone on a tissue or cotton ball to give yourself an iced colour nail with a metallic quality finish.

btartbox nail drill

What are the Btartbox false nail tips

The beauty of a false nail tip is it can really make your nails pop. The best way to apply them;

Begin by filing down any rough edges on the surface of your natural digits with an emery board or sandpaper until they’re even across all four corners (or just take some tips from our video below!). Then paint over each section equally with one coat each – let dry for 5 minutes between coats if needed before applying topcoat as usual!

How to remove BTArtbox nails

First of all, remove the Xcoat gel tips using the nail drill. Once the gel tip is thin enough, soak it in an acetone pad for at least 20 minutes. Now, using a cuticle pusher, remove the soaked-off gel layer. Once again, using the acetone pad, remove anti sticky surface, then apply cuticle oil to natural nai. You can also use nail foil wrap to perfectly remove the btartboxnails without causing any damage.

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