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Nail care is necessary for both health and cosmetic reasons when it comes to preventing fungal infections of the nail, painful ingrown nails and toenails, and skin infections in the hands and feet. The maintenance of nail care is especially important for individuals with diabetes since foot infections are hazardous.

Consider your fingernails and toenails as tiny shields that protect your fingertips and toes; if your nail care is not healthy, the tissue beneath them is susceptible to infection from the objects you touch on a daily basis. In order for dermatologists to consider a person’s nail care, they must be free of cracks and chips.

First of all, Nails are one of the most visible parts of your body. Moreover, they’re an excellent indicator for nutritional deficiencies, kidney disease, liver disease, and other health issues. If you notice significant discoloration on or around your nails, see your doctor right away.

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How nails are composed?

In most primates, a fingernail is a claw-shaped plate at the tip of the fingers and toes. Nails are similar to claws found in other species. Nails are formed of a hard, protective protein known as alpha-keratin. The hard visible surface is the nail plate. Keratin is the same material that produces hooves, horns, and claws.

What are the roles of nails?

Nails protect the tips of our fingers and toes from harm. We don’t need our nails to function, but they do assist us to pick up tiny objects by supporting the extremities of our fingers and toes. Without them, we would have a difficult time scratching an itchy or painful knot. In conclusion, nails might also indicate a person’s general health as well as their physical condition.

Role of Fingernails

Fingernails serve a variety of functions in the body that might indicate why they exist. The fingertips’ hard, exterior covering makes them one of the hand’s most powerful regions. They have several tiny blood vessels to replenish them, and they can keep their blood flow constant even as you grasp something very tightly.

A fingernail covering can keep viruses and germs out of the body. Enhanced ability to scratch and separate, such as pages in a book or hairs on your head, is provided by the fingernails. The nails can also be used to pluck things from surfaces. While you may not believe your nails are just as sensitive as your fingertips.

Role of Toenails

Toenails are generally thought to serve a protective function rather than an athletic or fine motor function like fingernails. The tops of the toes are susceptible to harm and, as we all know, stubbing. The toes are less prone to injury and infection with a protective nail on top of them.

What should I do for my nail care­­?


To preserve your fingernails looking their best, follow these suggestions:

  • Keep your nails dry and clean.
  • Keep up the good work with your manicure and hygiene!
  • To keep your nails flexible and resilient, moisturize them with oil.
  • Trim your nails straight across, with no curves or angles, also use best type of acrylic nails.
  • A nail primer, top coat, and end-to-end nail polish removal are required.
  • When your hands are exposed to water, dirt, chemicals, or the cold, wear gloves.


To preserve your nails from harm, follow these suggestions:

  • Never use harsh nail treatments.
  • Don’t pick at your cuticles or bite your fingernails.
  • Pulling hangnails can cause live tissue to be ripped, exposing the nails and hands to fungus and germs.
  • Healthy nails should be uniform in color and texture. If you see something that looks odd, have it examined by a dermatologist.
  • To push back and remove cuticles, don’t use an electric nail trimmer.
  • Overuse of polish remover can cause the nails to dry out and break. No less than once a week, use polish remover that is free of acetone.

Best Nail Care Tips

Turns out, nail care can help you determine the health of your body, and is essential to the health of your hands. Adult should trim their nails weekly, as germs can remain trapped underneath the nail and cause infection. Citation

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