In order to ensure that your manicure doesn’t lift or peel prematurely, you can prep your cuticles before applying acrylic nails, gel nails, or even nail polish. In other words, if you don’t prime your cuticles before applying nail products, their bonds won’t be as strong. You should push your cuticles back to improve the bond between your nail products and your nails.

push back your cuticles with cuticle pusher or remover tools

What are Cuticles:

Along the bottom edge of your finger or toe lies the cuticle, a layer of clear skin. That area is known as the nail bed. Normally, nails grow out of the nail root through the cuticle, which protects them from bacteria.

Cuticles are delicate. They can dry out, damage, and become infected. Maintaining your nails properly means keeping the entire nail area clean so they don’t become infected. The cuticle skin is removed when you push back cuticles and the proximal fold is pushed further back. It is common to refer to the cuticle and proximal fold collectively as “The Cuticle” in the nail world.

Push back cuticle with cuticle pusher

  • It is important that you soak your fingers or toes in a mixture of warm water and soap for at least 4-5 minutes before you begin the treatment.
  • You can then remove the dead cuticle skin and push the fold back easier by letting this soften your cuticles and proximal fold.
  • Use a cream or oil on your cuticles to help them smooth out. A good moisturizer, such as cuticle oil or cream, would do the trick.
  • Utilizing circular motions, push back cuticles using the flat end of the cuticle pusher.
  • With the cuticle pusher pointed end, you can now scrape off any dead skin on the nail plate from the fold once it’s been pushed back.
  • Wash your nails thoroughly with soap and water and moisten your cuticles with cuticle oil if you don’t plan on doing a manicure.

Tips for safely remove cuticles:

If you need to push your cuticles, use a wooden cuticle pusher. This will be less damaging to your nail plate.

Keep your cuticles and nails healthy with effective cuticle oil. I recommend applying olive oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil twice daily.

Using a nail file, you can buff the area of nails near the cuticle area in order to ensure that all of the dead cuticle tissue has been removed.

Do not use excessive force or cut the cuticle if the natural method does not work. If you prefer, you can use any cuticle remover from a reliable brand. Your cuticles should always be treated gently.

Apply Cuticle Removers to push back them:

A Cuticle Remover is a special chemical that softens your cuticles and dissolves dead cuticle skin.

Dead cuticle tissue that sticks out excessively can be removed with this method. Since you haven’t tended to your cuticles in a while and they have grown over, I recommend using a cuticle remover.

removing cuticles with cuticle remover oils

Get rid of cuticles without any tool:

You can use a toothpick and a match stick to push back cuticles if you don’t have a cuticle pusher

For the first 5 minutes, soak your fingers in hot, soapy water.

Apply some oil or cream to your cuticles afterwards.

Next, gently push back cuticles using the plain end of the matchstick.

The toothpick can be used to scrape away any dead cuticle tissue left on the nail plate once the cuticle is pushed back.

When and how often remove cuticles:

Keep your cuticles neat and tidy by pushing them back every week.

Or push them back while applying any nail product, such as nail polish or acrylic nails.

In general, there are only two types of people whose cuticles need to be removed.

Rather than pushing your cuticles back to a set length, push them as far back as you are comfortable.

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