Have you witnessed the virality of the latest nail art trend on social media?

In this nail trend, gel X manicures are in the vanguard for obvious reasons. They provide more than beautiful, long-lasting nail art, though; ‘Extend Gel’ or ‘Gel X Glue’ is the product behind the Gel X manicures everyone raves about.

We’ll discuss the ins and outs of using Extend Gel and Gel X Glue, demonstrate their best practices, discuss potential alternatives, and draw attention to how these two products differ from traditional nail glue. Get ready to enter the fascinating world of Gel X nails and learn why they’re all the rage.

What is Extend Gel? Is Extend Gel the Same as Nail Glue?

Extend Gel is a revolutionary adhesive explicitly developed for bonding full cover tips to your nails, making it unlike any other glue on the market. Extend Gel, in contrast to traditional nail glue, does double duty. It serves as a base coat after applying the primer and bonds the extensions. The thick, clear, extend Gel is cured under a UV lamp to securely adhere the Gel x nail tips to your natural nails. Extra protection, especially in cold weather, is provided by using Extend Gel as a rubber base under your natural nails or gel tips.

The revolutionary soft gel formula is vital to the Gel-X extension application process. Gel nail extensions can last up to four weeks when used properly.

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What Is Extend Gel Made Of?

Gel nail extensions are made from a special chemical called an oligomer. Picture it as a pot of honey-like substance. The magic happens when this oligomer is molded into shape, cured, and then carefully contoured to provide length and strength to your nails.

We can say that Gel-X nails are a kind of soft gel extension molded to cover your natural nails and produce a new form and length. These extensions are similar to hard gel extensions but with a unique twist: they can be removed with acetone, giving you flexibility and convenience.

This revolutionary soft gel composition is essential for effortlessly bonding Gel-X extensions to your natural nails. It carries the ideal balance of strength and flexibility, making creating attractive, long-lasting nails simple.

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The Difference Between Extend Gel/Gel X Glue and Regular Nail Glue

When it comes to nail art adhesives, Extend Gel/Gel X Glue and regular nail glue have certain major differences that nail art newbies should be aware of:

  1. Flexibility and Adjustment: Extend Gel provides greater flexibility and adjustment time. This means you may fine-tune the positioning of your nail extensions before curing, making it excellent for novices. Regular nail glue dries significantly faster, giving less room for changes.
  2. Bond Strength:  Gel X Glue is specially designed to offer a strong and long-lasting adhesion for Gel-X extensions. They provide a secure hold for several weeks. On the other hand, regular nail glue is intended for a faster, temporary adhesive that normally lasts a few days.
  3. Soak-Off Capability: One notable distinction is that Extend Gel and Gel X Glue are soak-off solutions. Gel-X extensions can be removed without excessive filing or hurting your natural nails. Regular nail glue is sometimes more difficult to remove and can be harsh on your nails during removal.
  4. Versatility: Extend Gel and Gel X Glue can also be used as base coats, providing additional protection and adherence. This versatility is not found in regular nail glue.

While normal nail glue is good for short fixes, Extend Gel or Gel X Glue provides greater adaptability, strength, and adjustability, making them fantastic choices for generating long-lasting and gorgeous Gel-X nails. However, keep it in mind not to apply gel x nail glue on your cuticles or any. contact with skin becasue it may result in severe gel x nails allergy

Can I apply Apres gel x nails with regular nail glue

You can use regular nail glue to adhere the gel x nails. You can skip the curing process with regular nail glue; however, the results won’t last long, and your gel x nails will pop off sooner. If you want to know more about regular nail glue alternatives then check out my blog post here.

Best Practices to Use Extend Gel

  • Begin by making sure your natural nails are clean and dry.
  • On your natural nails, apply an Apres nail bonder. This will aid in the removal of oils and the preparation of the surface for better adherence.
  • You can substitute isopropyl alcohol for the bonder if desired.
  • Apply apres nail primer to your natural nails, ensuring even application—the primer aids nail adhesion and retention.
  • Ensure not to over-saturate the nails with primer since this might cause excessive drying.
  • Consider utilizing a specific nail tip primer (e.g., “Gel X Tip Primer”) or standard nail primer for improved adhesion if you’re using nail tips.
  • Using the primer, etch the inside of the nail tip to create a rough texture for better adhesive adhesion.
  • On your natural nails, apply a thin layer of Apres Extend gel glue.
  • Place the nail tips into the bonded region, ensuring they completely fit your nail beds.
  • Add a broad bead of glue down the center of the nail tip to ensure equal coverage and prevent air bubbles.
  • Use a gooseneck lamp to cure the gel x nails for 10-15 seconds. 
  • After applying nail tips on one hand, you should cure them under a full UV/LED lamp. The typical drying time is between 60 and 120 seconds.
  • Nail tips can be trimmed to the desired length with a nail tip cutter.
  • Nail shape can be altered by filing the nail’s tips and sides until they reach the required smoothness and uniformity.
  • Paint your nails with the colors, designs, or nail art you want.
  • Use a topcoat to preserve your nails and seal your design.

Finish the process by applying cuticle oil to nourish the skin and the cuticle region surrounding your nails. Most nail art lovers are skeptical about using gel x manicures during pregnancy whether it’s safe or not. I have explained it in detials in my latest article about using gel x nails during pregnancy.

Tried and tested the Best Brands of Gel X Glue

Après Extend Gel: The Expert’s Choice

Experts in nail extensions unanimously endorse Après Extend Gel because its numerous benefits far surpass its few drawbacks. Its stellar reputation stems from several distinguishing features.

The nail industry has been revolutionized by soft gel extensions featured in Après Gel X. These extensions may look fragile because they are thin and clear like regular press-on nails, but don’t let that mislead you. When compared to regular acrylics and hard gels, their longevity is superior. To apply them, thick gel polish is used to bond the extensions to the natural nails. After application, quick curing under a UV or LED lamp guarantees a strong and long-lasting connection.

Finding that perfect balance makes soft gel extensions, like Après Gel X, so magical. Despite being affordable, they give you the long-lasting results you’d expect from high-end nail enhancements—the best option for people who want long-lasting, affordable, and beautiful nails.

Perfect Balance Between Durability and Affordability:

For many people, it’s hard to find the right nail enhancements. Traditional options like acrylics or hard gels promise to last, but they cost a lot at the salon. On the other hand, press-on nails are cheap, but they don’t always last. However, Après Gel X is the best choice for your nails because it is strong and inexpensive.

Comprehensive Kit: The Après Gel X Extension Kit has everything you need. It comes with an LED curing light, a pH bonder, a nail primer, an Extend Gel, a topcoat, a nail file, and many extensions. This kit makes do-it-yourself projects easy and complete.

Professional Guidance: Après gives detailed instructions, advice, and tips to help you with the application process. There’s also a community of experts and fans who are happy to share their knowledge and tips, making it easier for newcomers to learn and improve.

Simplified Removal: Taking off Après Gel X extensions is similar to taking off other gel extensions, which many users already know how to do. This simple removal process improves the ease of use of the product.

Affordable Maintenance: It’s easy on the wallet to keep up with your Après Gel X extensions because the brand sells single items when you run out. This ensures that users can get more use out of their kit and avoid spending money they don’t need to.

Saviland Gel X Glue

You’ll find a treasure trove of goodies in The Savalon Nail Gel Kit. Complete sets of press-on nails, a little UV LED bulb, nail glue, and several nail care tools are included. Intriguing, right? One pair of full-cover nails is in the shape of a coffin, and the other is in the shape of an almond. Shapes can be customized to suit your preferences.

User-Friendly Gel X Glue:  Working with the accompanying gel-x adhesive is a breeze. It is not excessively thick and has no bad smell like other alternative glue. This kit is designed for beginners. The user will value the explicit guidelines that guide utilizing the products successfully. The quick glue drying guarantees smooth cohesion, particularly for those with thinner nail beds or flatter nails.

Affordability and Customization: The low price of this kit is one of its best features. It doesn’t cost much and makes your nails look like they were done by a pro. You can change how your nails look by adding different sizes and shapes thanks to the full-cover nails.

Angled Brush French Gel Polishes: This kit is about Savalon French Gel Polishes. The angled brushes are what makes them different from others. A clean French tip design needs only one coat of these polishes because they are very pigmented. Since it’s creamy and smooth, even first-timers can easily apply it.

Aesthetically Pleasing Designs: Short nails can be as stunning as longer ones. The Savalon kit keeps it simple yet elegant. You can add your personal touch with stickers or gold flakes. The result? A professional-looking, aesthetically pleasing nail design that you’ll love.

Why It’s Perfect for Beginners

  • The kit has detailed instructions, so even a beginner can use it.
  • The nail glue is not too thick, so it’s easy to use.
  • The French Gel Polishes have angled brushes that make it easier to make French tips.
  • It’s cheap and good for people who are just starting.
  • It can be changed to fit different nail sizes and shapes.

The Savalon Extend Gel Kit is a great choice for people who have never tried nail extensions before but want to begin. It’s easy to use, doesn’t cost much, and gives you beautiful results. Without spending a lot of money, you can make your nails look like a pro did them. Try it out and feel like you’re at the salon without leaving your house!

Una Gella Gel x Glue

What’s in the Kit: The Una Gella Gel-X Kit comes with a wide range of nail products to help you start your journey with nail extensions. It comes with different nail tips, nail glue, a UV LED lamp, and even two bottles of French gel polish, one white and one black. You only need a nail brush for the base coat, but these parts have everything else you need to get started. Is it going to be used as a base coat? You’ll need to buy a separate nail brush.

User-Friendly Application: The easy-to-use application is one of the best things about this kit. The mini V LED lamp that comes with the package changes everything. Since it’s small and light, it’s easy to use and cures your nail extensions quickly. With the push of a button, your nails will look like a pro did them in no time.

Tailoring Nail Tips: The kit comes with different-sized nail tips, so you can pick the ones that work best with the shape of your natural nails. These are great tips, but remember that everyone’s natural nails are different in how they curve and shape. It might need to be tweaked a bit to get the perfect fit. Not to worry, though; it’s easy to file the tips to match your nails.

Affordability and Exceptional Value: For beginners, cost is often a big issue, but the Una Gella Gel-X Kit is surprisingly cheap. This is a great way to try nail extensions without spending a lot of money. This kit is sold on Amazon, so anyone who wants to try nail enhancement can get it.

Perfect for Nail Art: For beginners, the cost is often a big issue, but the Una Gella Gel-X Kit is surprisingly cheap. This is a great way to try nail extensions without spending a lot of money. This kit is sold on Amazon, so anyone who wants to try nail enhancement can get it.

User-Friendly Gel x Nail Glue Bottle: The nail glue that comes with this kit is great. It comes in an easy-to-use bottle that lets you get just the right amount of glue without any trouble. The glue’s thin to medium consistency makes it easy to use, even for first-timers. You get a professional finish because the application process is smooth.

Gel X Glue or Extend Gel Alternatives

1. Polygel: A Versatile Alternative

Polygel is a great alternative to Extend Gel or Gel X Glue. Because it is thick like acrylic, it works great for attaching Gel X nails to your natural nails. The steps are easy: put a small amount of Polygel into the Gel X Nails, cover your nails with it, and let it dry. Polygel is great because it’s easy to find, and you can use any brand. For people who are worried about allergies, Hema Free Polygel is the best choice.

2. Rubber Base Gels: A Multi-Purpose Choice

Instead of Extend Gel, you can use Rubber Base Gels, which are often used as a base coat for natural nails that are thin and weak. Some of the best things about these gels are that they can be used as both glue and a base coat for Gel X nails. They stick well and are a great choice if you want to be able to do different things with your nail application.

3. Builder in a Bottle (BIAB): Convenience and Quality

It is easy to use because it comes in a nail polish bottle. Builder in a Bottle, or BIAB, is a soft builder gel. Due to its thick texture, it works very well as an alternative to Extend Gel. Sometimes, BIAB is used for gel overlays and short nail extensions. It can also be used to attach Gel X nails to your natural nails securely. You can’t go wrong with BIAB if you want quality and ease of use.

4. Hard Builder Gel: A Durable Option

When you want to make long nail extensions, Hard Builder Gel is the best choice. It’s very strong and lasts a long time; it can even last longer than Extend Gel. But it’s important to know that getting rid of it can be harder because it doesn’t react with acetone. For removal, you might need an E-file. Get ready for a longer-lasting bond and a slightly more difficult removal process if you choose to use Hard Builder Gel.

5. Acrylic Mixture: Surprisingly Effective

Yes, you read that right. Instead of Gel X Glue, you can use an acrylic mix with your Gel X Nails. The good thing about this is that you won’t need a UV lamp to cure it; the acrylic will harden on its own over time. The steps are easy: mix acrylic liquid and powder to make a bead, put it under the Gel X nails, and hold it to your real nails for a few seconds. The Gel X nails stick to the acrylic well as it hardens. You can use this instead if you’d rather let the concrete harden naturally.

In the end, these alternatives to Gel X Glue or Extend Gel give you more options and make your nail extension journey easier. There are good things about each choice, so you can pick the one that fits your needs and preferences the best. Whether you choose Polygel, Rubber Base Gels, BIAB, Hard Builder Gel, or an acrylic mix, you can still get great Gel X nails even if you don’t have Gel X Glue. Feel free to look into these options, and enjoy your lovely, longer nails!

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