The top Coat provides an extra shield of protection over natural nails. It also helps make your nails glossy and extend the life circle of a manicure.

But are the top coats equally great for acrylic nails? And if yes, according to experts, which top coat brands should you be looking for? In this guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need about top Coat for acrylic nails, including the pros and cons and the best brands.

What is an acrylic Top coat?

Acrylic Top Coat is a nail product designed to apply as a final layer on acrylic nails. These kinds of top coats provide additional benefits, such as protective coating to add gloss and durability to manicure or acrylic nail extensions.

Formulation: The acrylic top coat formulation contains ingredients that defend natural nail against chipping, cracking, and Nail stains. Some top coat provide a glossy finished look with UV filters, blocking sun damage and fading.

Extra Benefits: to enhance the aesthetic appeal, the acrylic top Coat create a protective wall to seal and secure the acrylic nails. As a result, the natural nail is less prone to damage with a longer lifespan. They can also help prevent color fading for up to 2 weeks and keep the nail design undamaged for a maximum time.

Overall, acrylic top coats are assumed to be an essential element of acrylic nail application, providing both cosmetic benefits and natural nail protection.

What types of top Coat for acrylic nails are available

Various types of top coats are available for acrylic nails, each offering unique benefits and qualities. The most common types of acrylic nail top coats are air-dry top Coats and gel top coats.

Traditional Clear Top Coat:

Clear top coats are the most basic and commonly used top Coat for acrylic nails. It’s used to get a clear and glossy finish and maintain the shine and durability of acrylic nails.

Wet n Wild Top Coat

Fast Dry clear top coat

  • single coat required, last upto 5 days
  • Salon- perfect shine
  • Less chipping and fading
  • Never tested on animals

Matte Top Coat

To get a non-shiny velvet appearance, try A matte top coat. It gives vibes of a unique and modern look by transforming the glossiness into a matte finish.

Matte Top Coat

Beetles Gel No Wipe

  • Long-lasting can stay up to 21+ days.
  • No harsh ingredients or adhesives
  •  Compatible with ALL BRANDS
  • please always apply a thin layer each time

Gel Top Coat

Gel top coats are formed with a gel-like consistency, and curing under a UV light, or LED lamp is compulsory to dry and harden them. Once cured accurately, the gel nail polish provides a super glossy finish, improved durability, and a longer-lasting shine.

Essie Gel Couture Long-Lasting Nail Polish, 8-Free Vegan, Clear, Shiny Top Coat

Gel Top Coat

Essie Gel Couture Long Lasting

  • ultra-glossy gel-like shine, flawless finish
  • no base coat needed
  • Compatible with ALL BRANDS
  • award-winning line of nail care products for 35 years

No-Wipe Top Coat

No-wipe top Coat doesn’t require any cleansing or wiping after application on nails. These no-wash gel polishes are famous for their track-free finish, saving tons of time and effort in finishing effort.

. Karma Organic Gel Top Coat Nail Polish 

No-Wipe Top Coat

Karma Organic Gel Top Coat 

  • dries fast, doesn’t require curing with UV/LED Light.
  • no sticky or tacky layer, cure smoothly.
  •  create a hard seal that extends your manicure’s life for about two to three weeks.

Fast air-Dry Top Coat

The air-dry top coats are formulated to dry quickly, requiring less time for your acrylic nails to finish and hard. It’s a convenient solution for those who are always on the go or looking for a quick touchup. Young nail finish gel

Air-Dry Top Coat

Young Nails Stain Resistant Gel Top Coat 

  • perfect manicure solution for hairdressers who handle hair dyes.
  • cure completely dry without leaving any sticky or tacky layer
  • Top coat with stain resistant properties to keep colors shine up to 3 weeks.

UV-Protective Top Coat

UV-protective top coats are specifically designed to shield your acrylic nails from harmful UV rays. They help prevent yellowing and fading caused by sunlight or UV light exposure during the curing process. Brand Cache: Sun Protection Topcoat.

UV-Protective Top Coat

Cacee Sun Protection Topcoat 

  •  Superior high gloss shine tacky layer
  •  Professional salon formula with sunscreen properties to save your nails from UV rays
  • For best results, use with Cacee Acrylic System (Liquids)

Strengthening Top Coat

These top coats contain ingredients that help strengthen the acrylic nails, reducing the chances of chipping or breaking. They add an additional layer of protection to promote nail health and longevity.

Strengthening Top Coat

Sally Hansen Advanced Top Coat

  •  Nail treatment to seal and strengthen your nails
  • ADVANCED FORMULA – Prevents breaking and splitting with an extra-hard finish
  • LONG LASTING – Get long-lasting protection and shine.

Sally Hansen

Peel-Off Top Coat

Peel-Off Top Coat

UNT Fantasy Peel Off Base & Top Coat, 2-In-1 

  •  Easy to use
  • create a crystal CLEAR protective coating on nails for smoothened surface.
  •  Professional salon formula.
  • For best results, use with Cacee Acrylic System.

Peel-off top coats allow you to remove your acrylic nails easily without the need for soaking in acetone. They create a layer that can be peeled off when you’re ready to change your nail design.

It’s imperative to note that the availability of different types of top coats may vary depending on the brand and manufacturer. When choosing a top coat for your acrylic nails, consider your desired finish, durability, and any specific needs you may have, such as UV protection or quick drying.

UNT Fantasy Peel Off Base & Top Coat,

How to apply Top Coat on acrylic Nails

Prepare your supplies

  • A Nail brush
  • cuticle pusher
  • Lint-free cotton wipe or cotton pad
  • Nail polish remover
  • Top Coat of your preferred brand

Step 1: After applying your acrylic nails, shape them using a nail file. Also, file the edges and push back the cuticles to get the desired look.

Step 2: Gently clean the natural nail surface with a lint-free wipe dipped in nail polish remover to get a smooth and clean base for the top Coat.

Step 3: Ensure the nails are completely dry, apply your top Coat on the nails, remove the excess polish from the brush, and apply from the cuticle area.

Step 4: apply an even, thin layer of top Coat and cover the entire Surface, including the edges.

Step 5: Repeat the process on each nail one by one, and remember to apply a thin layer to avoid pooling or streaking because of excessive thickness.

Step 6: After applying the top Coat, let it sit for at least three minutes, says nail technician “Waspi” from “pro-finish UV top coat” in Nailsmag. During this time, the polish will combine well with the top Coat, and then after 3 minutes, you can put it under a UV lamp to get it harder.

However, The gel top coats are not recommended to use over Nail polish because if the polish isn’t dried fully, it’ll crack the gel top coat; therefore, use an air-dry top coat as quoted by a certified Nail educationist at Young DistributionAmanda Dodge.

Advantages of using Top Coat on acrylic nails

  1. Durability: Top Coat provides extra protection, reducing chipping and extending the manicure’s lifespan.
  2. Shine and Gloss: get an extra polished appearance to acrylic nails with gel nail polish.
  3. Smoother Surface: they help to smooth out imperfections, resulting in a refined finish.
  4. Protection against Yellowing: Many top coats featuring UV protection prevent acrylic nails from yellowing due to sunlight or UV exposure.
  5. Quick Drying: Some top coats with rapid dry formula can save time and minimize smudging risks.
  6. Extended Longevity: Using a top Coat helps acrylic nails last longer, up to 3 to 4 weeks, without losing their shine or quality.

Do I need a top Coat for acrylic nails?

Though it’s not mandatory to use a top Coat with acrylic nails, however, there’re plenty of benefits to using a top Coat. It adds extra shine, and a protective layer, improves resistance to yellowness, and adds smoothness and luster to promote healthy nails. If you are using colored acrylic nails, you can skip using a top Coat as they are strong; however, if you are using nail polish to paint your nails, applying gel nail polish or a top Coat is a must as it adds extra strength, as recommended by many nail techs including me.

Is it safe to use a gel top coat on acrylic nails?

Yes, putting a gel top coat on acrylic nails is totally safe. It’s one of the easiest methods to make acrylic nails shiny and long-lasting. However, applying it before drying the nails properly can be challenging.

Vivian Valenty, PhD, chemist and president of VB Cosmetics, says if you want to use a top Coat on a gel nail polish, then it’s best to use both components from the same brand. And as a “no-fail formula,” use an air-dry top coat over regular nail polish and a UV- curing top Coat on UV gel.

Can I put a regular air-dryer top coat on acrylic nails?

Yes, you can put a regular air dryer top Coat on acrylic nails without fear. It helps in increasing the lifespan of acrylic manicures and keeps them shiny. To get the best shiny result, ensure the Surface is smoother before applying the top Coat; the smoother the top Coat is, the better its gloss will result. To get a smoother surface use a nail file with grit level starting from 180 to 1200 with a CNDs solar oil – says Bonnie Rios, CND educator from Rio Rancho, N.M, that helps shiny liquid dry fast. Then apply a base coat that smoothes any roughness and a top coat to get a lasting shine.

What kind of top Coat do nail salon use?

Ice Gel is among the best top coats professionals endorse for acrylic and gel nails. Its excellent formulation prevents nail polish stains, dries quickly within 2 minutes and adds a glamorous look.

Can I Use a Regular Top Coat On Acrylic Nails To add Shine?

I get this question asked a lot more times “Can you use a regular top coat on acrylic nails” and the answer is yes, you can use both regular polish and gel polish. Gel polish is preferred when talking about acrylic nails because they work as the best top seal with a long-lasting smooth shine.

How long does acrylic top Coat last?

“Lee,” a nail industry professional, added his remarks in Harpersbazar, “Acrylic nails usually maintain their quality appearance up to six to eight weeks before needing a fill. The fill, which may involve a touchup between the nail bed and the cuticle, will enhance the manicure’s overall lifespan and visual appearance.

Best Gel top coat for acrylic nails- sache vitae fast dry top Coat

Mia Secret is known as one of the renowned acrylic manufacturers. They have created some top-quality acrylic liquids. One of their best products is a gel polish created especially for use with acrylic and is, therefore, the best match for acrylic nail colors.

It is also very durable. Mia Secret Gel Top Coat is best suited to coat polished or painted acrylic nails. Other than acrylic nails, it can also be used with dip powders and several gels such as Polygel or BIAB. It has a UV gel topcoat meaning it needs UV lights to cure and harden. Sache Vitae also offers high-quality, acid-free nail primer that can be used as a base coat for acrylic nails.

changing the acrylic nail colour

you can easily change the acrylic nail colour; start with a base coat. This will help the new color stick to your nails. After applying the base coat let it dry for 3 minutes

Next, select a nail polish color that matches your natural nails. Carefully apply the new color starting from bottom to top. Make sure to cover the entire nail with the colour.

Once the colour is on, you can use a clear polish called a top coat. This makes your nails shiny and helps protect the color. Apply the top Coat on top of the new color and let it dry.

Before you start, remember to clean your nails. Take off any old or dirty polish so your nails are nice and clean. You can use a special liquid called acetone polish remover to help clean them. It’s important to keep your acrylic nails strong and healthy.

Every two weeks, it’s a good idea to return and ensure your acrylic nails are still looking great. You can touch up the color or change it if you like. Just remember to choose a color that you really love.

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