Super glue shouldn’t be use to adhere to your Press On Nails or Fake Nails. It is not design for use on the body. It can be extremely harmful to your natural nails, which might result in injury.

If you want to use fake nails but don’t want to use nail glue, there are a few options for keeping them in place.

What can you use instead of super nail glue?

There are some Substitutes and Alternatives of nail glue:

Use Nail Tabs or Double Sided Tape:

Nail tabs are design to stay in place for a few hours, but it won’t cause any harm. It can use it to keep the super glue away from the skin, increasing the staying power of the grip tape. Nail tab stickers are also great for people who don’t want to ruin their cuticles while they are skating. They also called double sided tape or fashion tape.

Trim the tape to fit your nails:

Double tape is available in a long roll, you’ll need to scissors to cut the pieces to suit your nails. Because your nails are all unique sizes, it’s more practical to try cutting each piece to fit an individual nail rather than trying to conform them all to the same size.

Prep your Nails:

Wipe your hands with a cotton ball soaked in non-acetone nail polish remover to clean away dirt and oil before applying the tape.

Press it to your nail:

Peel the backing off one of the tapes. Match up one piece of tape to your nails, then remove the backing from only that side. If the tape folds in on itself or bubbles after you apply it to your nail, you may need to start again with a fresh piece.

Remove top side of the tape:

Remove the thin tape from your nail by peeling away the top layer of the backing. You should now only have adhesive on your nail.

Apply fake nail:

Place the tape down in a straight line on the top of your nail. Carefully lay the nail across the tape to avoid wrinkling it. To release any trapped air and ensure that the tape adheres uniformly, lightly press and smooth over it with a clean cloth.

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Peel off nails:

You can quickly take off nails you’ve put with tape. Remove the tape from your natural nails after peeling off the nails carefully and gently.

Use Clear Polish the alternate of Super Glue:

Using clear nail polish, paint the back of the fake nail. Use enough polish to provide a fairly thick layer, but not so much that it will squish out from under your nail when you apply it. The quantity that you would normally use on your natural nail should be enough. Apply and hold it for 30-60 seconds.

Paint the Base coat on nail:

A base coat is a protective layer that’s frequently use beneath nail polish to increase the life of a manicure. This stuff keeps your nail waterproof, so the natural oils produced by your fingernails won’t interfere with the glue’s capacity to keep your false nail in place.

A transparent base coat is often use, which allows you to see your nails more clearly. A light opaque color, such as white, cream, or blush, can also be use instead of this.

Press the fake nail:

Using your finger, line the fake nail up and press it in place. Then apply mild but constant pressure for 30 seconds to a minute so that the super glue begins to set.

Soak your nails:

To get rid of nails covered in polish, you must first remove the polish. Fill a small bowl with nail polish remover and soak your hands in it for 5-10 minutes. Then carefully peel the nails off.

Can you use Krazy glue on nails?

Krazy Glue, like nail glue, contains the active ingredient cyanoacrylate. This material is a resin that may be filed or buffed after it has completely dried.

Krazy Glue may be used to repair or mend small cracks in your natural nails, as well as acrylic nails. It’s not the ideal substance, though.

Another best way to remove acrylic nail by Elizabeth Butcher.

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