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You can use a nail hardener to harden your nail plates in a short period of time.

The purpose of nail strengtheners is to promote strong and healthier natural nails by nourishing them over the long term.

However, nail strengthener and nail hardener is typically considered interchangeable. Several nail products nourish your nails while also making them rigid within a short period of time.

Are you a regular nail salon customer? Or do you have naturally weak nails? In any case, strengthening & hardening nail products are both beneficial to you. Selecting one over the other depends on the type of treatment you want. 

They differ primarily in their ingredients. A nail strengthener makes your nails tough and flexible. It penetrates the nail so that they become stronger.

The purpose of strengthening your nails is to fix soft, uneven, dry, or damaged nails. In contrast, nail hardeners are widely used to strengthen brittle nails. By using these products, you will be able to get a stronger, drier nail because they contain formaldehyde, which strips the moisture out of your nails.

Nevertheless, prolonged use of hardeners may cause further damage, so it is best to use them carefully. 

opi nail strengthener for strong nails

Which one is best for use:

Anyone who has peeling, weak, and brittle nails should use a nail strengthener.

This is particularly true if you use acrylic nails frequently or harsh nail products such as gel polishes and dip powders, which can weaken your nails over time.

If you are experiencing difficulty growing your nails out because they tend to chip and break easily, you may want to consider using a nail hardener.

You can grow your natural nails longer by using nail hardeners. These items reinforce your natural nails.

As a result of Formalin’s or Formaldehyde’s use as an ingredient in nail hardeners, your nails become extremely rigid.

They can, however, make your nails more brittle and weak over time when used excessively and consistently.

Now, you can use products that contain formaldehyde, but I wouldn’t recommend using them too often.

If you are using it to temporarily make your nails tough, you should only do so temporarily. It should also be used in conjunction with nail strengthening agents to encourage strong nails

Moreover, formaldehyde in high quantities has been proven to be harmful to human health.

Nail strengtheners: How Do They Work?

A nail strengthener is generally similar to a clear base coat. The only difference is that they contain nutrients such as Keratin, Vitamin E, and Biotin, which are absorbed into your nails and promote healthier and stronger nail growth.

You should use a nail strengthener if you have dry and peeling nails. Nevertheless, strengthening products requires some time to work. Hence, patience is a virtue. 

Nail hardeners: How Do They Work?

You can harden your nails quickly with nail hardeners. There are a variety of hardeners, including:

Hardeners that cross-link the Keratin protein in your nails in a more crystalline form make them harder and less flexible.

Reinforcement hardeners perform the same as base coats. Their main function is to make your nails feel more rigid by forming a protective coating.

Hardeners with cross-linking are generally more efficient than those with reinforcements. Look for cross-linking ingredients when choosing a hardener.

best nail hardener for weak nails

Ingredients used in nail hardener and strengthener:

These strengtheners are often similar to base coats in that they contain large amounts of nutrients and vitamins to promote healthier and stronger nails.

Nail hardeners with cross-linking use ingredients like formaldehyde resin, epoxy resin, calcium, and hydrolyzed keratin. To increase the rigidity of your nails, these ingredients bind keratin to make them more rigid.

The majority of today’s products, however, contain a bit of both ingredients. The reason for this is that, when hardeners and strengtheners are used together, you usually get the most effective results.

As a result, most products contain hardeners and nourishing agents.

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