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There are two types of polygel with forms. One type is a gel that can be applied to natural nails while the other is an adhesive. Each type has specific requirements. Polygel with forms should be clear, thick, and drip-free.

For best results, use a gel with forms for your acrylic nails. These types of materials are more durable and longer lasting than acrylic nails. Once cured, they can last up to five weeks.

Nail Application Types

The two most common types of nail application are acrylic and hard gel. Acrylic nail applications require the application of the tip by gluing it to the free edge of the nail.

For PolyGel, a thin blue line attaches the tip to the nail. The gel is not difficult to remove but the process is time-consuming. To achieve the best results, you should always clean up the gel and apply a pH balance solution before applying the base coat.

Types of Polygel

There are two types of polygel: Dual forms and paper forms. You can apply a dual form to the nail when you use it. You need to press the form onto the nail with a spatula. After it is dry, the gel will not fall off your nails.

A hybrid form is easier to remove, but it will need to be removed. The removal process will be faster with a dual form than with a single-layer system.

Dual Form

A dual form can help you cover your entire nail, while a single form is used for the tips. It is easier to apply with dual forms than with single-layer gel.

However, you need to carefully measure the shape of the nails you want to shape and then use the appropriate application method. If you have a large toenail, you can apply an antibiotic cream to it.

If you experience pain, you should take pain relievers and wear sensible shoes. A dual form also allows you to shape the tips in a number of ways, including shaping and lengthening.

Polygel with forms

If you want to create a long-lasting gel manicure, you can try a polygel with forms. The dual forms are ideal for this, because they’re more convenient to use than paper forms. These gel tips are made from thin gel, which makes it easier to cover the entire nail.

Unlike gel-based gels, Polygel with forms can last for several weeks or even months. Once cured, the gel does not chip or flake. Before you apply Polygel, you should build a strong apex on your nails.

This will add strength and balance to the tips of the nails. A bigger bump of the gel will reduce the pressure on the tips of the nails and decrease the chance of breakage.

The dual forms help you apply a layer of polygel on your nails with ease. You can easily remove the application with acetone.

Another benefit of Polygel is that it can last as long as you like. Once cured, it will not chip or flake. To make the most of your new nail extension, you must build a strong apex.

This will provide balance and strength to your nails. By using a bigger bump of Polygel, you’ll have fewer chances of your nail extensions breaking. The tips of your nails will feel smoother and more attractive.

Nail Tips

Besides traditional nail tips, you can also use Polygel nail extensions. In addition to traditional nail tips, you can also use PolyGel nail tips to create asymmetrical shapes. After you apply the gel, make sure you use a dehydrator to keep the gel in good condition.

A good quality product will also last for several weeks. So, make sure to choose the right one for your needs! You can get one from multiple sources.


How to remove

When you apply polygel on your nails, you can easily remove the product with acetone or nail polish remover. Afterward, you can use the same polygel on your fingernails.

Unlike paper nail forms, polygel nails can be removed with acetone. This makes applying gel with forms easier than ever.

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