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A broken nail after putting all your effort into placing it is more traumatizing than having your nails done. You will always be proud of your appearance when you have clean and fresh nails. It is natural to have broken nails. If you feel like your nail style needs some spice, you can have long, cute nails.

Let’s talk about How to Fix Broken Nails or Acrylic Nails today to help you get back on track with your fashion and self-confidence! Let’s move on to the next step and examine what you can do.

What are the causes of broken nails?

In the same way that your skin and hair can become dry and brittle, your nails also consist of keratin, a protein which makes them up.It is essential to understand the causes and causes of your broken nail. Sadly, some of the scariest parts of this process are the health conditions you did not notice beforehand.

How come your nails are breaking?

There could be a number of causes, including stress, wear and tear, or nutritional deficiencies. People, however, tend to refer to these broken nails as split nails instead. The task of working with split nails is a considerable challenge, especially if you are using your hands. Furthermore, if your nails grow out completely, they will grow back after six months. A broken and damaged nail would make you want to wait longer, of course.


How to Fix them?

Even though fixing a broken nail or acrylic nail can be painful and frustrating, finding ways to improve the situation is not that difficult. When it comes to DIY stuff, you can always do it at home if you don’t plan on visiting a nail salon anytime soon. 

To prevent damage to your natural nails or the growth of fungus and bacteria under your acrylics and nails, you must always take precautionary measures. 

What to do with Broken Acrylic Nails:

If an acrylic nail is broken, you will not be able to fix it unless you remove it.

First, you have to get a painkiller and an ice pack as broken acrylic nails are painful to deal with. Prevent all possible injuries and infections by doing this. When doing this procedure, you must remove the acrylic nail entirely.

So if you break or rip your natural nail, fungi and bacteria will enter the wound, infect your nails and cause further damage.

You should first clean your nails and the affected area with soap and water. Then, for safety, wash your hands with alcohol or use a skin disinfectant afterwards.

What to do with Cracked Acrylic Nails:

In contrast, cracked acrylic nails differ from broken ones. It is best to trim and file your acrylic nails close to crack if the acrylic is damaged or broken, yet your nails are fine. 

You can use acetone to remove the acrylic from the crack if it’s located under the free edge. It won’t look pretty, but this is a friendly reminder to be cautious since acetone stings when you pour it accidentally. 

After you have done this, you can apply the nail form to your acrylic nails and extend them to your desired length and shape.

Repair them with Nail Glue:

The process of repairing a broken nail isn’t difficult at all. You can use a special glue called nail glue. Naturally, you’ll be able to attach your nails with this type of glue without any hassle. You can fix a broken nail in three simple steps. 

  • Buff the cracks of your nails gently.
  • Make sure you don’t go beyond the crack and worsen the situation. You might damage your nails or get infected.
  • Put on two to three layers of nail glue, then wait for a few minutes for it to dry.
  • After that, it can be painted with the nail polish of your choice.
  • Though it’s only temporary, you can use the nail to file and trim the crack until your natural nails are long enough.

Fix the Broken nail with Gel nail polish:

People who do not know how to heal their broken nails can use silk wrap and gel. If you use this method, you can work things out in a more permanent way than using a tea bag or glue. If a nail is about to completely crack, this procedure also works to cover the nail. It will require an additional piece of equipment: a nail lamp and gel polish. Otherwise, both tools are at your disposal if you have them at home.

  • The procedure begins by fixing your nail with glue after it has been cleaned of clean nail polish, removed, and slowly buffed. An ideal surface would be free of old polish and oil.
  • Ensure that you cure your clear nail gel polish layer after you apply it.
  • After that, trim the silk so that it fits the shape of your nail. It is important to let the gel dry after smoothing down the silk. As a result, the silk will keep your nails together and give them strength once they have dried. 
  • Then, after your nails have dried, softly file them again and apply another layer of gel polish to finish the look.
  • It will only last about a few weeks when you fix the broken nail with a gel. Always trim and file the broken nail every now and then.

Mend Cracked nails with nail Dip Powder:

Have you heard that you can also cure your broken nail with nail dip powder? If you haven’t considered that, well, you should be aware of the following procedures and materials for fixing them as quickly as possible. The steps are listed below.

Clean and buff your nails gently to begin.

Then, apply a layer of nail glue to the cracked area.

When you’ve finished, sprinkle nail powder above the wet glue white while it’s still wet, and wait until it dries. 

Continue repeating the steps until you reach 2 or 3 layers on the top of the nail crack.

Don’t forget to buff your nails with a buffing block once everything is finished with your favorite glue and drying spray. 

Heal your nails with Teabags:

Teabags aren’t only good for healing your feelings, but they can also mend your broken nails. Tea bags can be used to fix a broken acrylic nail, whether you believe it or not. 

  • When you have a small crack appearing in your nails, cover it with a tea bag and use nail glue.
  • If you want your patched nails to look like the rest of your nails, you can use a nail file.
  • Paint it over with nail polish to make it match your manicure. 

You should therefore use tea bags only if your nails are only partially split and have a few cracks. Using a tea bag can also be used if you’ve got a crack on the free edge of the natural nail. Once the broken part has grown completely, you can now safely cut it off.

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