There are different types of pedicures. And a paraffin pedicure is an act of pampering that involves the application of paraffin wax to the feet to moisturize the skin on the feet. Paraffin pedicures moisturize and soften the feet’ skin.

Paraffin pedicures are spa treatments that involve applying paraffin wax to the feet in order to moisturize the skin on the feet. In some spas, however, the foot is placed inside a plastic bag filled with wax before the ladle of wax is poured over it. There are other uses for paraffin wax as well. As electrical insulation, lubrication, and to make candles and crayons.

paraffin wax bowl with petals and polish in spa
Paraffin wax

What are the benefits of paraffin pedicure:

A paraffin pedicure can be of great benefit to those with chronically dry feet. Heat and paraffin both moisturize the skin on the feet, especially in tough, calloused areas.

People who suffer from cracked skin on their feet, which is most common around the heel of their feet, can also benefit from paraffin pedicures.

Spas usually promote their paraffin treatments in the winter because cold weather often leads to dry skin.  
Also for cosmetic reasons, many of us apply paraffin wax to hands.

As an emollient, wax makes the skin supple and soft.

In addition to adding moisture to the skin, it continues to boost its moisture levels after treatment is over.

A form of heat therapy, it facilitates blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, and reduces joint stiffness. Paraffin wax also treats sprains and muscle spasms.

How much it cost?

Traditional pedicures something like Fish Pedicure are usually less expensive than paraffin pedicures.

Paraffin pedicures take longer and require additional equipment and products.

Which people love paraffin treatment they can purchase paraffin wax for a DIY pedicure. Also, these people may have not a lot of amount to spend on spas.

How to do a Paraffin manicure step by step:

The application of paraffin pedicure varies from spa to spa.

Warming the paraffin wax in a small tub is the first step in applying it to the feet.

Paraffin wax must be in liquid form to apply on feet.

The most common practice is to dip the feet into the wax pot twice or even three times, then wrap them in a plastic bag or sheet.

Spas, however, sometimes fill a plastic bag with wax, then place the foot inside and mold the wax around the foot.

Let it cool for 5 min after the application of wax.

Paraffin pedicures are commonly performed with wax-covered feet wrapped in warm towels or in cotton booties over the plastic.

Paraffin stays warmer for a longer period of time, improving its moisturizing properties.

This makes the treatment even more enjoyable because the paraffin wax can be infused with essential oils and fragrances.  

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