Press on Nails or Glue on Nails is a remarkable innovation. They allow you to easily and quickly create exquisite nail designs. This can be done without spending hours and a lot of money at a nail salon.

In general, the main concern people have with Press On Nails is that they tend to come off prematurely. The solution to this can be found quite easily. So, I am going to give you nine tips in this article to ensure that your glue on nails, also known as Press on nails, lasts much longer.

Make sure you are using a reliable nail glue:

nail glue for applying fake nails

Make sure your cuticles are ready:

Your nails are covered in a thin layer of skin called your cuticles. In addition, if this skin is not taken care of properly, the glue will not bond directly to your nail bed. Rather than bonding with the skin, the glue would bind with the cuticle, reducing its effectiveness.

You should use a cuticle pusher before applying your Press On Nails. This will enable you to scrape off the dead cuticle skin on your nails. In addition, you can bend the cuticles upwards so the nails will fit comfortably with the Press On Nails.

Your Nails Need A Buff:

The nail bed must be buffed before you apply Press On Nails. Buffing serves two purposes:

  1. This procedure removes the shiny, oily layer found on top of your nails, which keeps the nail glue from bonding properly to your nail plate.
  2. The nail glue will also adhere better to a roughened nail plate since the surface is roughened.

Before applying Press on nails, clean your nails properly:

The next step after buffing your nails and addressing your cuticles is to clean your nails.

  1. In order to clean your nails, the first step is to remove any nail polish, acrylics, or adhesive leftover from your previous press-on nails.
  2. After that, you should remove any dirt or other sediments on your nail plate that may inhibit the efficiency of the glue or adhesive used on your Press On Nails.

Using soap and warm water, wash your hands thoroughly before applying your Press On Nails. In order to remove any bacteria from your nails, you should use antibacterial soap. Infections can be prevented this way.

Furthermore, once your nails are completely dry, you can move on to the next step.

You should wipe each nail with rubbing alcohol-soaked cotton pads. By doing so, you will be able to remove any natural oils from your nails. Because your nails are oily, the glue cannot bond to them.

Correctly apply your Press On Nails

apply press on nails ,fake nails, choosing nails putting on a towel

Apply the glue to both your natural nails and the underside of your Press On Nails when working with Press On Nails. Applying glue to your nails and Press On Nails is as simple as putting a drop in the center.

You should also hold the Press On Nails on your nails for at least 30 seconds. The glue needs this time to bond to your nails.

After applying the press on nails you shouldn’t let your nails come into contact with water for at least 1-2 hours. This gives the glue a chance to completely cure.

As a result, the gap between your Press on Nails and your natural nails is sealed and prevents water from leaking into the glue, thereby allowing it to last longer.

Cover your press-on nails with a clear topcoat

If your press-on nails come with a clear top coat, you should apply them both to the top and to the bottom.

Specifically, a clear topcoat would:

  • Makes press-on nails stronger and prevents them from easily breaking.
  • It will protect them from fading by adding an extra protective layer.
  • Ensures that the nail glue lasts longer by acting as a water-resistant seal under the nails.
  • Adds a shine to the nails.

Avoid harsh conditions for your nails:

When using Press On Nails, keep them away from heat, moisture, and powerful chemicals such as bleach and detergents.

As a result, the Press On Nails tend to pop off due to the weakening of the nail glue. I recommend using gloves whenever doing certain chores such as washing dishes, gardening, cleaning, avoiding swimming, and taking long hot baths.

Do not use your Press on Nails to open or lift things or put too much strain on them.

Press-on nails last longer when they’re shorter:

Press-on nails that are longer tend to be less durable than those that are shorter.

It has more surface area to act on because it has more tension when your nails are longer. As a result, nail glue will weaken more quickly due to the increased strain.

Fit your nails with the right size of Press on Nails

You will be more likely to have long-lasting and durable press-on nails if they fit your nail size closely.

In fact, if they’re too large, your nails would overlap at the sides. They will then be more likely to lift, putting additional stress on the nail glue.

Press-on nails can also be filed down to fit your nails.

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