Justin Waller: Age, Height, Net Worth & Love Life

Justin Waller, known as J. Waller, is a 50-year-old entrepreneur and social media influencer from Louisiana, USA. With a Master’s in Business, he has built a successful career that has led to a net worth of $10 Million as of now. Residing in Denham Springs, La, Waller has seen his wealth grow consistently, earning $1 Million per year. His significant contribution to the entrepreneurship world, coupled with his influence on social media, marks him as a prominent figure in the industry.

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What is Justin Waller’s age?

Justin Waller is 50 years old.

What is Justin Waller’s date of birth?

Justin Waller was born on December 10, 1974.

Where was Justin Waller born?

Justin Waller was born in Louisiana, USA.

What is Justin Waller’s height?

Justin Waller is 6 feet, 11 inches tall.

What is Justin Waller’s weight?

Justin Waller weighs 84 kg.

What is the color of Justin Waller’s skin?

Justin Waller’s skin color is brown.

What is the color of Justin Waller’s hair?

Justin Waller’s hair color is gray.

What is Justin Waller’s marital status?

Justin Waller is married.

Does Justin Waller have children?

Yes, Justin Waller has children.

What is Justin Waller’s education?

Justin Waller has a Master’s in Business.

What is Justin Waller’s profession?

Justin Waller is an entrepreneur and social media influencer.

What language does Justin Waller speak?

Justin Waller speaks English.

What is Justin Waller’s religion?

Justin Waller practices Christianity.

What is Justin Waller’s net worth?

Justin Waller’s net worth is $10 Million.

What was Justin Waller’s net worth in 2022?

Justin Waller’s net worth in 2022 was $9 Million.

What is Justin Waller’s salary?

Justin Waller earns $1 Million Per Year.

What is the source of income for Justin Waller?

Justin Waller’s source of income comes from being an entrepreneur.

Where does Justin Waller live?

Justin Waller lives in Denham Springs, La.

What cars does Justin Waller own?

Justin Waller’s car details are under review.