Hello, everyone! Buckle up because we’re about to dive headfirst into a Barbie world where everyone sees pink! Don’t be concerned if you thought Barbiecore was over. No way, dear! The release of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie film has sparked an all-out pink frenzy on the internet, much like a wild rodeo for your eyes!

From snappy Barbie memes that make people laugh to A-listers strutting their best in Barbie outfits, this town is virtually soaked in pink paint.

Even that pink substance is so popular right now that it’s tougher to find than a needle in a haystack! But guess what, buddy? We’re not stopping with walls and garments; instead, we’re applying this pink extravaganza to our nails!

Hold on to your hats because we’ve picked together 54 simply beautiful Barbie-inspired manicure designs for 2023 to offer you all the inspiration you need to nail a look as pink and cheerful as childhood play.

So buckle up and prepare to wrangle yourself some seriously beautiful summer nail trends for 2023 because it will be a pink-tastic journey! Yeehaw!

1.    Perfect Barbie Pink Manicure

Prepare to channel your inner Barbie with a sparkle from Margot’s magic nail trends. This will be a great inspiration if you are a glamazon who loves classic Barbie pink manicures.

Take a look at these – we’re talking about the ultimate Barbie-inspired nails, and let me tell you, it’s straight out of a blockbuster film. Margot Robbie wore them, and no kidding, celebrity nail artist extraordinaire Tom Bachik exposed the secrets. Check this: short, square nails take center stage, and guess what color steals the show? “Vanity Fairest” by Essie is a pink as famous as a Times Square sign.

2.    Glam pink nails for short and long nails

Using a powder overlay, you can effortlessly transform plain pink nails into something spectacular. The gleaming design looks stunning on both long and short nails.

3.   Try Chrome Stiletto Barbie Frenchies for next daring style

Pink chrome stiletto nails provide a daring and fashionable style that will turn heads and make a statement.

4.    Barbie Pink Heart Cutouts– exhibit your compasionate inner barbier


The beautiful heart cutouts on these pink nails are stunning. They perfectly reflect Barbie’s soft and compassionate personality. you can easily achieve this pink look nostaign jelly look with Sally Hansen Xtreme wear polish.

Using a dotting tool to make the exact heart shape around the cuticles you can obtain this look.

If you want to try pink heart with spider nails then this blog post give you more ideas.Jump from Barbie Nails to Halloween Spider Web Nail Art.

5.   Enchanting Ballet Barbie Girl

These coffin nails are ideal for any occasion. They have the Barbie logo on three nails, YSL nail art, and rhinestone gems.

They look fantastic on any nail length, also on natural nails.

6.    Unleashing Lightning Bolt Nails

You can electrify your look by applying bright pink lightning bolts to nude pink nails.

This design is ideal for persons with strong personalities, as it will give a striking spark to your look.

7.   Graceful Pink & Nude Ombre nails

This stunning manicure design flawlessly combines pinks and nude tones to create glamorous and classy nails fit for any Barbie princess. It’s the perfect ombre nail design for your summer art.

8.    Floral Frenchies – enter into Blossoming ventures

If you love French tips, you’ll appreciate this floral Barbie-inspired nail style.

These square-shaped nails have two floral French tips and a gradient blend of baby pinks.

9.    Pink Zebra Mani – The chic Fusion

These zebra stripe nails are undoubtedly wild and wonderful, taking influence from the first Barbie doll.

The pink stripe manicure perfectly matches Barbie’s bikini and emits a happy and cheerful atmosphere, exactly like her classic style.

10. Glamour in motion: try Glazed Swirl Nails



These glazed donut nails with gorgeous white swirls encapsulate the essence of Barbiecore.

The barbiecore nail trend has taken place in the beauty sphere, where many celebrities have embraced this massive comeback as a hit.

You might mistake them for actual donuts because of how good they appear, thanks to Hailey Bieber. She has accepted this pink Revolution to pay homage.

11. Doll- Elegance: Get Barbie-Inspired Nails

These nails in traditional pink and purple patterns with whimsical butterflies, flowers, and smiley faces scream 90’s Barbie feelings.

They resurrect the joyful and trendy attitude of the era when Barbie was at the pinnacle of her fame.

12. Get sun-kissed sophistication: Malibu Barbie Vibes

Make a statement with your baby pink mani this summer by opting for the popular pink Revolution and blue Malibu nails.

With their iridescent glitter, these whimsical nails emit a sunny attitude, making you the ultimate beach babe!

13. Signature Elegance: Graceful Long Hot Pink Barbie Logo


Nothing shouts “Barbie” more clearly than hot pink nail examples! Whether your nails are long or short, this gorgeous hue is ideal.

Consider placing the Barbie emblem on an accent nail for an added touch of Barbie enchantment to embrace that Barbie-esque design completely.

14. Chic abstraction: Short Pink Abstract Barbie

The light pink color of these Barbie-inspired nails exudes sweetness, and the abstract nail design adds a whimsical touch.

Subtle gold touches take these nails to a new level of luxury.

15. Double French Gradient Swirls– Elegance with harmony

Double French swirls in gradient pink and hot pink swirls add a twist to the classic French manicure.

For a modern fashionista, this is the ideal Barbie-inspired appearance.

16. Barbie Nails step-by-step Tutorial

With these long nails embellished with Barbie faces, the classic Barbie logo, and heart accents, you can show off your true Barbie fandom.

With this stunning nail art option, you can show everyone you’re a genuine Barbie lover!

17. Pearlescent Finesse: Pink Gradient Tips With Pearls

French tips have long been fashionable, but using several shades of pink and accent pearls creates the Barbie nails that every girl desires! You can also use pearl bow decals with rhinestones for extra glamour.

18. Exploging captivating Matte Pink Barbie Nail Art

It is not necessary to go all out when creating a sophisticated Barbie nail. Embrace the trend with a matte finish on short nails in a pink shade, a hand-painted silver Barbie logo on two nails, and a Barbie shoe on an accent nail.

These nails are the ideal look, and they would look great on any nail length.

19. Milky pink Reverie: Pink & Milky White Barbie Girl

Rather than paint all your nails a solid pink, try a mix of solid and milky white nails accented with a lovely pink French tip. This fabulous nail design incorporates two beautiful gingham accent nails like classic pink and white for a nostalgic chic look.

Make use of your favorite pink colors to create this lovely Barbie-inspired look.

20. Fierce Barbie blaze: try Barbie Pink Flames

Another French manicure with gentle pink nail color. Add a variation this time by merging Barbie pink flames from the French tip on two nails.

21. Embark glittering Reverie: Pink Glitter Barbie Dreamscape

The nude almond shape and glittery French tip on these nails are the stuff Barbie dreams are made of, and they’re perfect for a minimalist look.

22. Try holographic glamour : Long Hologram Barbie Nails


Even though she’s a good girl, Barbie knows how to party! Wear your long, glittering, holographic nails as a badge of honor for your inner Barbie.

You’ll look fabulous after painting Barbie’s face on one nail and displaying the trademark emblem on another.

23. Achieve subtle Elegance: Pink Double French Almond

A manicure with almond-shaped nails and double pink French tips is a great way to mirror Barbie’s chic look.

The contrast between the deeper pink and the lighter pink edging helps your nails stand out, giving your fingers a bit of Barbie enchantment.

24. Silhouette sophistication: Barbie Silhouette Nails

No other body type is as instantly recognizable as the Barbie one. Check this Barbie silhouette.

25. Heartfelt whispers: Pink Nails With White Hearts

Barbie would look like a pageant queen with such colors and patterns. You, too, may feel like a princess as you walk the runway with a crown and sash, and channel your inner Barbie.

26. Acrylic fantasy: capturing Acrylic Barbie Land Mani

There’s always an exception to Barbie nails; you can paint your nails pink to get the feel. 

The manicure is a Barbie-worthy combination of glittering pink, fiery ombre pink, and a pale pink foundation with a hand-painted logo.

27. Pretty in pink: Barbie Pink Mani

While simpler is often better, it doesn’t imply it has to be dull.

These short pink Barbie nails are both beautiful and sophisticated. There really is no need to elaborate!

28. Rose Quartz Nail Tutorial

Do you want to make your nails appear like a million bucks? Nails with rose quartz are the best.

Despite their seeming complexity, they are beautiful and straightforward to replicate. Get the look of luxury with little to no effort.

29. whispering hues: explore the Oval Pink Ombre Nails

Another gorgeous pink nail art design. You can easily get this lovely ombre effect by using a sponge technique

30. Barbie Muse unleashed: Barbie Nail Art

The essence of Mattel’s Hot Skatin’ Barbie from 1994 is brilliantly captured in these long nails.

These neon-hued acrylic nails will have you yelling, “C’mon, Barbie, let’s go party!”

31. Opulent Expressions: Pink Chrome With Pearls

A beautiful Barbie manicure is elevated to timeless beauty with the addition of pearl heart stickers to the square pink chrome French nails.

32. Nail art odyssey: Barbie Bling Nail Art

Add some glitter to your Barbie manicure for some added sparkle.

This nail art is ideal for the more adventurous Barbie girls who aren’t afraid to let their hair down and have some fun.

33. Beond the basics: Barbie Logo Nail Art

Beautiful Barbie-logo fingernails, again. This time, a hand-painted logo in bright pink covers the whole manicure, including the gel extensions.

34. Metallic Allure: Chrome Barbie Nail Design

Add glitz to your manicure with light pink chrome nails and hot pink gemstones.

The contrast between the gentle and bright pinks will make your nails look sophisticated.

35. Spiraled Splendor: Pink Swirls & Sparkles

These stylish side-swirly nail designs are killing me! They’re double-lined and have alternate pink and white swirls, making them look like French tips but with a twist.

Nails adorned with bright white stars are ideal for the premiere of Barbie’s new film.

36. Manifest soft elegance : Powder Pink Nails

These pale pink fingernails are so delicate they seem see-through. They’re a lovely manicure option that works for any season.

37. Beyond the classic pink: try Pink Glitter French Mani


With a soft nude foundation and glitter that looks to spring from your cuticles, a bright pink French manicure offers a fantastic Barbie-inspired style you’ll want to duplicate.

38. Capture the spirit of Iconic Barbie Doll nails

These pretty whole lotta pink nails are a win-win situation. All but one of her nails is painted a pale pink, while the remaining one and a half are given a deeper shade.

A curving line of manicure sequins separates them, giving this sweet nail design a dash of glitz.

39. Pink Bling Barbie inspiration

Nails in a bright shade of pink are a go-to for any Barbie fan to get a signature color. But when you add a glittery accent nail, you’ll have a look everyone wants to steal.

40. Try Charming dual- tone fiesta: Barbie Pink Two-Tone French

This stunning pink pattern features two distinct tones. Consider a light pink foundation with a hot pink French tip as an alternative to a nude or clear base.

41. Lipgloss infused twist: Short Pink Lipgloss Nails

With the release of Greta Gerwig’s movie, the Barbie nail trend has reached a fever pitch. These Margot Robbie–inspired rose water pink lip gloss nails will go with anything in Barbie’s closet. 

42. From soft to bold: Solid Gradient Pink Barbie Dreams

The Barbie fantasy world may be yours with a pink gradient on square nails wt this ultimate summer manicure. Use your preferred shades of pink to get this ethereal and alluring appearance.

43. Jellylicious Glam: Glitter Jelly Barbie

Reminiscent of jelly sandals are glittery jelly nail polishes.

You’ll feel like a Barbie girl in a Barbie world with these bright and cheerful manicure designs.

44. Monochrome chic: Pink On Pink Barbie Nail Design

In the pink? Absolutely! Now everybody does it!

The contrast between the dark pink tips and the somewhat paler pink jelly foundation is stunning.

Prepare to boldly wear an abundance of pink.

45. Flaunt Hot Pink Tips With Stars Grace

This unique take on the classic chrome manicure features a chrome pink French tip on almond nails, with stars accenting each nail.

The ultimate manicure for Barbie’s Western character.

46. Artful overlap: Layered French Tips

This unique take on the standard French manicure is charming, and you will rush to your nail polish collections to finish it.

It’s a French manicure that even Barbie would approve of, thanks to the Barbie pink cuff and the unexpected rose-pink tip.

47. Barbie-inspired Bow Charm: Barbie Bows

Zola Ganzorigt, a celebrity manicurist, provides an abundance of nail art ideas. She gave Ariana Greenblatt a Barbie-inspired manicure with pink glittery nails, a pearl bow, and rhinestones for the perfect finishing touch.

48. Barbie Bouquet: Flirty Florals

Based on almond-shaped nails, this playful floral Barbie-inspired manicure style by @naileditbeauty combines hot Barbie pink finished nails with white Barbie-esque floral motifs. Based on almond-shaped nails, this playful floral Barbie-inspired manicure style by @naileditbeauty combines hot Barbie pink finished nails with white Barbie-esque floral motifs.

49. Marbleized Barbie Magic: Barbie Marble

Nails are square and painted various shades of pink in a modern take on the French tip by @by hannahtaylor. To balance out the manis with solid colors, she gives a few of her toes a nude basis and decorates them with pink and white marble.

50. Gleaming Glam Rain: Glitter Confetti

This Barbie-inspired manicure is perfect if you want to look chic without drawing too much attention to yourself. Blogger @klaudiafekner’s almond-shaped nails are outfitted with ultrathin, pink glitter confetti French tips.

51. Barbie Core pale pink – Selena Gomez’s sytle

Baby pink polish is all needed for Selena Gomez’s Barbiecore manicure. A timeless classic that also fits the bill is always a safe bet.

52. Blushing Barbie Beauty

That’s obvious that Barbie would have heart-shaped nail stickers, given that she often displays her emotions on her sleeve. In classic Barbie style, @xjuliatalisman’s pink and red manicure is adorned with white hearts and large bows.

53. Barbie Franchise – Unleash Iconic expansion

The “Barbie Frenchies” style, made popular by well-known nail artist Tom Bachik, will impress. These aren’t your ordinary French twists; instead, they’re a dazzling blend of timeless grace and vivid Barbie enchantment. Imagine your nails transformed into a piece of art by carefully crafted lines in eye-catching hues. Tom Bachik’s Barbie French manicures are the ultimate statement, bringing a new level of Hollywood glitz and high fashion to the world of nail painting.

54.Sparkle à la Barbie: Barbie sparkle

Tom Bachik’s “Barbie Sparkle Nail Art” takes Margot Robbie’s allure to heavenly new heights. Envision a set of nails that sparkles like the stars and features beautiful designs that move gracefully with each touch. It’s more than simply nail art; Margot’s fingertips are the focus of attention with each glittering stroke.

55. Gradient Barbie pink nails with rhinestones

Bling is essential for achieving a Barbie look. And don’t only allow your jewelry to do the talking; this rhinestone nail set will do the same thing.

Barbiecore Blushing pink– Timeless charm

If recent Barbiecore has been your jam, you’ve come to the perfect place. If you want nails that even Barbie would be jealous of, choose a hot pink in the center that fades and merges into a softer pink base.

The blushing pink shade is by OPI bubble bath is best to achieve this nail art.

Rhinestone French tip Barbie nail – perfect Barbie crystal Allure

The strawberry milk nail is the new buzz in town, and you can get a perfect blend of rhinestone French tip nail art over this strawberry milk base shade with CND GEl polish.

Pink velvet nails—perfect barbicore

Get these cat eye magnetic shades for perfect pink velvet nails, just like Barbie would love to wear for her birthday bash or a night out party.

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