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Blue eyeshadow makeup is one among the foremost surprisingly universal and complimentary. With an eclectic array of colors starting from teal, to navy, to baby blue and cerulean. It’s possible we’re not giving credit to the present color where credit is due. Whether you’re within the mood for an azure eyelid or soft and smoky cyan, the alternatives are endless when experimenting with all that blue possesses to supply. We’ve rounded up a number of our favorite blue eyeshadow looks for you. This is to urge really inspired on what eye makeup look you’ll create next, everything’s only one scroll away.

Shiny Blue Light Glitter Eyes:

A palette with multiple shades of blue is the easiest way to apply more than one shade of blue to your eyes. Choose colors that suit your personality and experiment with them until you find color combinations you like.

Watch the Video below for step by step tutorial of Blue eye makeup:

Blue Sparkle Eyes:

Color right in the center of your lid is one of the most effective ways to draw attention to your eyes. By adding color and glitter shimmer to the center of the lid, this look illuminates the entire eye. Place the blue eyeshadow in the center of each eye and underneath to enhance it. Use your chosen eyeshadow colors (you can opt for more neutral hues) on the lids and crease.

dark blue neon glitter eyeshadow makeup with long lashes

Summer Eye Shadow Makeup:

We are loving this powdery blue shadow look. Make sure the shadow color is consistent from eyelid to eyebrow. Apply a strong base color on the lids, and then sheer it out as you blend upwards.

light blue and whitish corner tip eyeshadow makeup

Blue eyeshadow makeup with glitter liner:

light blue eyeshadow makeup with glitter gold liner

Blended Eyeshadow contrast with Blue Mascara:

Brown and Blue mix Eye colors:

You can create an amazing kaleidoscope effect by mixing blue with other colors. You’ll definitely feel like an artist after you’re done. I love how this sheer blue combined with soft brown can create a lovely eyeshadow look. Using the dominant blue color in the crease and adding the second color under the brow bone is all that’s needed.

light brown and blue combine makeup with long lashes

Snowy Blue eyeshadow makeup with lighter liner

You can make your winters more beautiful by applying this snow like eye makeup, this gives you extra gorgeous and snowy or frozen look.

Glitter golden with smokey blue shade:

Multi blue Shades blending:

step by step different shades of blue eyeshadow makeup

Shimmery Golden blue eyes:

Adding shimmer and sparkle to your lids with this multi-toned blue eyeshadow is ideal if you want to wear something with glitter. This can be accomplished by using a loose powder eyeshadow pigment that has accompanying colors for a multi-dimensional effect. Don’t stop applying until everything sparkles as you like it.

shimmer gold and blue eye makeup with beautiful lashes

Blue shiny eyeliner with blue eyes:

thick blue liner with mascara long lashes and light blue eyes

From eyeliners to eyeshadow, light blue looks gorgeous on all eye colors and is appropriate to wear both day and night. Line your eyes with a blue pencil and blend golden shadow on top of it for a stunning look.

Here is one more video for describing the process of applying eyeshadow in beautiful manner.

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